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1xbet우회주소 helps to bypass the blocking of the official website. This is a necessary measure that has been taken in many countries, including South Korea. In our country, sports betting, casinos, and sweepstakes are illegal. The national body for control over the sphere of iGaming monitors the work of illegals and blocks access to resources.

For what it is necessary to apply a mirror 1xbet

A copy of the site is often used. The company may create several mirrors in order to unload the main server during peak visiting hours.

Mirror 1xbet has another important value: it helps to bypass the blocking of the main domain. At the legislative level, betting is prohibited in South Korea, so the operator offers such an alternative.

A mirror is a safe tool that is protected by a modern firewall system. On all copies, the player’s profile information is fully preserved. It is automatically copied and located on an external medium.

Sports markets and gambling are unchanged. Players may not notice the substitution of the official site for a mirror, because only a few characters in the address bar change.

1xbet 우회주소 can be found in the open sources of the Internet, upon individual request. The mirror will work well on a regular computer, tablet and mobile device.

Types of bets on the mirror

Koreans place the most bets in the Sports section. The mirror keeps the number of markets, the number of daily events and the types of bets offered.

Among them:

  • Individual outcome bets of the 1X2 type, where one of the teams must win or the match will be played to a draw;
  • Double Outcome – a type of individual market where you have to bet on a win for one of the teams and a draw at the same time;
  • Fore – a type of market where you need to predict the difference in the score by equalising the chances of the opponents;
  • Totals – the most popular market in football and hockey, where the number of goals scored in a match or each round/period is predicted.

A combination bet can be formed in the in-play coupon. The most popular of these are expresses, which include several events taking into account the total odds.

If you put several expresses together, you get a system. This is a rather complex type of prediction, where only winning combinations are taken into account.

LIVE bets are bets that are also difficult to predict because of the rapidly changing odds.

To be successful, you need to develop your own strategy based on the experience of professionals and statistics.


1xbet has no analogues in South Korea. It is the largest portal of sports betting, casino and totalisator in our country. Only here you can find the best quotes and the lowest betting limits, bonus support and guaranteed payouts. For safe 1xbet 우회주소 we recommend using a proven tool – an alternative link. A working mirror is always available on the web, it is easy to find by request or on the bookmaker’s official Telagram channel.

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