JackpotCity Casino Review

JackpotCity Casino Review

Is JackpotCity Casino A Great Online Casino?

JackpotCity Casino Reviews

You know you are in for an enjoyable gaming experience when online casino markets itself as an exciting gaming destination. Those words perfectly encapsulate what exactly JackpotCity Casino’s approach to online gambling is all about. The website is designed to give players an all-round enjoyable gaming experience similar to what is found on other top online casino websites. The simple design of the website means you can derive lots of excitement from what is on offer. In other words, the site layout is simple, but at the same time, it does a great job of showing you what you stand to enjoy on JackpotCity Casino. 

What’s more, you are greeted by an enticing welcome bonus right at the top of the homepage, along with a collection of games to choose from. If you are in need of a serious outlet to game online, then JackpotCity Casino fits the bill in so many ways. 

We put up this review of JackpotCity Casino after most of our users requested we checked it out. This is not the first time we’ve had such requests, and it shows just how much people want to know which website is legit or scam. There are lots of new online casinos that are fakes, so it is essential you know what is real or not. So right off the bat, JackpotCity Casino is LEGIT, and this review will show you just why it is. 

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Overview of JackpotCity Casino 

JackpotCity Casino Games, JackpotCity Casino Bonuses

Don’t get fooled by the simple and down to earth design of the site, the casino is packed with some of the best features, and gameplay that you can find anywhere. We where stunned to find out that there are more than 600 games for you to play. There is a large collection of table games, slots, and lots of from some of the leading software developers in the industry. Each developer comes with their own style, so this adds a lot of varieties to the games on offer. 

JackpotCity Casino also excels in other areas. The site is safe and secure, so users have zero worries about their payments and details. In terms of payments, we found it to be easy, with several payment options available. We also found their customer support to be reliable. You can reach their support via live chat or email. JackpotCity Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

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Is JackpotCity Casino Legit? 

Finding out the legitimacy of any online casino is always essential before you start playing. With that said, JackpotCity Casino is legit on all fronts. An overview of the website shows us that it is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority. This is license certifies that the online casino has met with the legal requirements and standards set by the commission. It is always ideal you look out for licensing on any online casino before you use their services. In addition the games are also fair. The outcomes of each game are determined by a random number generator certified by eCogra. 

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Gaming Experience On JackpotCity Casino 

JackpotCity Casino Reviews

JackpotCity Casino excels both in the quantity of games as well as the quality. JackpotCity Casino places emphasis on slots, table games, and live casino. The games are tailored to meet the demands of new and experienced players. Most of the games are designed by leading software developers in the industry. 

They work with a big-name developer, Microgaming, as well as other developers known for their quality games. This provides the perfect balance between playing popular games created by seasoned developers and new market entries designed by small-time developers. 

If you are a table game fanatic, you can be sure to find different types of poker, blackjack, and more available. The live casino suite is also worth checking out, as well. 

JackpotCity Casino Bonus 

JackpotCity Casino Bonus, JackpotCity Casino Review

No online casino is complete without bonuses, and JackpotCity Casino doesn’t hold back in that regard. Whereas other online casinos offer you enticing bonuses with stringent conditions and requirements, JackpotCity Casino is fairly generous with its condition. Don’t worry; you don’t have to deposit lots of money before you have access to your bonus, the requirements are fairly generous and straightforward. 

It offers up to $1600 in bonus. New players can get Match Bonus up to $400. Overall the requirements for the welcome bonus are straightforward when compared to other casinos. What’s more, there are additional daily casino offers as well as promotions on offer daily. So do well to visit the site regularly. 

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Deposits And Payouts 

JackpotCity Casino makes it easy for people to make payments and withdrawals. Users can deposit using a variety of options available such as Visa, MasterCard Netteller and so on. The minimum deposit is set at £5, while the maximum deposit is at £2,000. Mind you; you can increase the maximum deposit in the Responsible Gaming Section. 

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Withdrawals usually take between 1 to 5 business days depending on the withdrawal method you use. Added to the deposit options mentioned above, users can withdraw using credit and debit cards as well as bank transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount is £10, while the maximum is £10,000. 

Users will be happy to know that JackpotCity Casino doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal fee. The only gripe with their deposit and payment method is that there is no PayPal option. Other than that, the site does a good and secure job in making sure you deposit and withdrawals are done in a timely manner 

Final Verdict 

JackpotCity Casino Review

JackpotCity Casino is completely legit, and there is nothing fraudulent about it. We strongly recommend it to everyone who loves the thrill of online casinos. Although the site might not come with trendy looks, it makes up for it in terms of its extensive collection of games, all from leading software providers. There were lots of things we loved about JackpotCity Casino. Withdrawal and deposit were smooth with no hassle, and the minimum and maximum limits imposed on both is fair on all accounts.  The website is safe, and it is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority. 

JackpotCity Casino is enjoyable on Mobile as well as on the Web. Enjoy the collection of games available, and make the most out of the variety of options you have. JackpotCity Casino is not only great for the pros; it is also an excellent casino for new players. 

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