Blast from the past: Iconic Casino Makes a Come back

1950s casino is coming back to Las Vegas

Great news for casino lovers, the Horseshoe Casino will be making a grand entrance in Las Vegas as it takes over Bally’s Las Vegas.  Bally’s Las Vegas is getting an extreme makeover, and reemerging as the classic Horseshoe casino, a historical brand reminiscent to the 1950s.

The new building will be unveiled this spring with  new entertainment options, food and more. The new casino will have features that encapsulate what the Horseshoe casino was known for in the past. The new designs will incorporate features that tie into the roots of Horseshoe casino. So expect lots of stylish chandeliers, leather and gold horseshoe iconography. According to Caesars Entertainment which owns both Bally’s and Horseshoe casino, this incorporation has been in the works for a while now. 

“At Horseshoe, it’s all about the gambler. Since 1951 Horseshoe Casinos have been home to the best odds, highest limits, and biggest jackpots. So, it’s fitting that we bring Horseshoe back to Las Vegas, and right on the Las Vegas Strip,” Jason Gregorec, the SVP, and general manager of the property said in a statement. “Holding to the Horseshoe tradition of providing impeccable service, our guests will see the property transform over time, ensuring we aren’t disrupting the excitement while we make the transition.”

The new building is expected to be complete by the end of the year. 

Upon its completion, the casino will play host to Caesars Entertainment’s World Series of Poker. This isn’t the first time the casino property will be undergoing renovations. 

As it stands, Caesars Entertainment owns a number of Horseshoe casinos across the country. 

“Bringing the Horseshoe brand back to life in Las Vegas allows us to celebrate both our history and our future,” Sean McBurney, the regional president of Caesars Entertainment, said in a statement. “2022 starts a new era for the Caesars Entertainment empire in Las Vegas, one being heralded by the return of Horseshoe.”

Caesars Entertainment is renovating a number of properties this year. Along with Bally’s, Caesars Palace is undergoing a touchup. Palace will welcome new food, entertainment options, suites, and games in the new year. 


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