Greenlight For Durango Casino In Vegas

Casino Development Plans Gain Approval

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Durango Station has received good news in the last few days. Coined Durango Station by the Station Casinos, the project has been in the works for years with plans hoping to utilize the empty land Southwest of the Vegas Strip. 

The advisory board in charge of local authorization voted in favor of the project on the vacant plot of land. The land which measures more than 71-acre is owned by Station Casinos. The company has owned the land for more than 20 years. The proposed resort will act as another extension of the company. The proposed site is stationed around South Durango Drive close to IKEA. 

Station Casinos wants to erect a casino resort measuring close to 100,000 square feet. The casino resort will house more than 400-room hotel, and an enormous outdoor dining space. This new plan is a watered down version from the earlier plan which was to house roughly 1000 hotel rooms. 

Opposition To The Plans 

Station Casinos meets the needs of local residents in the Southern Nevada area. The various casinos under the umbrella provide locals with quality services similar to what they would expect on the Strip, while still providing relatable services and amenities. 

However, some local residents in the area have voiced their concerns about the presence of the casino in the area. One of such concerns is the level of traffic the presence of such casino will bring to the area. 

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In a meeting held with local residents, the Operator debunked such fears. 

“The project before you proposes a much less intense use,” Rebecca Miltenberger, a spokesperson for the operator said to a gathering of about 50 residents. “We are presenting a plan to you that includes just over 400 hotel rooms and a reduction in gaming floor space.”

Although there strong oppositions to the proposal, a few of the residents are in support of the plan. The opposition insists that the plan will be detrimental to the area in the long term. One of the planned entrances of the casino is close to a family park. And with children frequenting the park, the incoming traffic could be dangerous. 

“Kids are not careful about crossing the street, and the traffic on Maule Street has significantly gotten worse,” a resident said. 

The casino insists, it will take the necessary precautions to ensure lives are not in danger. 

In addition, the Culinary Union is also in strong opposition to the plan. This is expected because the Culinary Union and Station Casinos have been foes for years. 

Following the presence of the culinary Union at the meeting, Station Casino had this to say

“It is unfortunate, but we are not surprised, as we have grown used to decades of endless harassment by the Culinary Union. Instead of applauding a project that will pay millions in local taxes, create a beautiful new amenity for the neighborhood, and create thousands of construction and permanent jobs, including jobs for people they supposedly care about, they take the low road and play petty politics,” the Station Casinos statement declared.


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